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200-Days-to-go milestone 2017-11-10

D-200 Celebrative Exhibition of the 19th IALA Conference: The Great Journey with Lighthouse Heritage

The 19th IALA Conference reached an important milestone - it is only 200 days away. The 200-days-to-go milestone was celebrated at Incheon Metropolitan City Hall on November 8.




The D-200 Celebrative Ceremony was led by Park Kwang-Yeol, Director-General of the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries. In his speech, Director-General Park said that the Conference is not just Incheons, it belongs to all of Korea. The Conference will make Korea better and let the world see Korea. He said he believes that the Conference will be a great success and this belief shows his confidence in the employees of the Ministry.

Also, Cho Dong-Am, Vice Mayor of Incheon City, highlighted Incheon citizens represent a precious resource, the participation of volunteers and the strong support from enterprises showing the tremendous civil power in Incheon. He went on to say he hoped the Conference will bring participants closer together. Park Chan-Jae, who is the Chairman of Korea Association of Aids to Navigation, called on everyone to take part in this grand event that will be the largest aids to navigation event that Korea has ever staged.

 The Ceremony was also attended by the official representatives from the various organizations. Together they began the countdown of 200 days until the 19th IALA Conference begins and all wishing that the Conference is a huge success.

With the enthusiastic participation of Incheon City Government and citizens, the 200 Days Countdown to the 19th IALA Conference was a great success. From now until the Conference begins, related events will be held to promote the Conference and build up the level of anticipation.





For the D-200 Celebrative Ceremony for the 19th IALA Conference, the City Hall was transformed into a small World Lighthouse Heritage Exhibition. The various distinctive country heritages showed how next years IALA Conference Heritage Exhibition will be transformed into a small global exhibition. The exhibition is largely divided into 4 sections. Section 1 focuses on the origin of lighthouse, and lighthouse heritage of Korea.

Section 2 sheds light on the Fresnel Lens. Section 3 introduces about the changes of the light sources. Lastly, Section 4 features world lighthouse commemorative stamps, coins and banknotes. More than 200 of the most valuable items from the National Lighthouse Museum's collection will be on public view in Incheon, including some of the world's oldest and rarest items.

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