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IALA ENAV21 2017-09-20



Mr. Seungcheol Lee, staff of the MOF invites participants to attend the 19th IALA Conference.

From September 18 to 22, 2017, the 21st meeting of the ENAV Committee(ENAV21) was held in IALA Headquarters.Onbehalf of the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries(MOF), Mr. SeungcheolLee, staff of the 19th IALA Conference Secretariat, announced that all staffs of the Secretariat including himself are at the height of preparation for the Conference and urged full support for and interests in the 19th IALA Conference 2018 from all participants. Mr. Lee, especially, introduced excellent events that are World Lighthouse Heritage Exhibition and Industrial Exhibition to participate and the benefit of Early Bird Registration and Pre-Registration that participants could earn enthusiastically in order to promote the success of the Conference.

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