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ISC4 2018-02-19
The 4th International Steering Committee - The final preparations for the Conference

At the point of 110 days left towards the 19th IALA Conference 2018, the 4th International Steering Committee (ISC4) was successfully held in IALA HQ from February 12 to 13, 2018. 15 members, including ISC Chair Mike CARD, IALA Secretary-General, ISC members and the representatives of the 19th IALA Conference Secretariat attended the meeting. Various agendas such as the names of session chairpersons and preparation progress of each event were reviewed, and the Committee members agreed on the final Conference programme.
In the first meeting day, representatives of the Conference Secretariat shared the preparation status for the Conference and received many positive contributions from the ISC members. Besides, members also discussed all the necessary content to prepare for the final programme for the Conference.
In the next working day, ISC members were very passionate to discuss the technical sessions, finalizing the list of chairs and vice-chairs, and also presenters.
For now, online pre-registration is opening for all delegates to join the Conference via the official website: by May 13.
For more information, please contact us via email:

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