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Visa Information

Those that fall in the following categories will be allowed to enter Korea without a visa.

Countries under Visa Waiver Agreements

Nationals of visa waiver countries can enter Korea without a visa as long as the purpose of their visit is tourism or temporary visit. If they want to engage in profitable activities such as employment, they must apply for a Korean visa suitable for their purpose.

Designated Visa-free Entry

Considering international convention, mutuality doctrine, national profit and other such factors, certain countries are granted visa-free entry permissions.

Nationals of the following countries are allowed up to 30 days of visa-free sojourn for tourism or visitation Exceptions: Canada is allowed up to 6 months, and United States, Australia, Hong Kong, Slovenia, and Japan are allowed up to 90 days.

Nationals of Countries or Regions Allowed for Visa-free Entry (up to 30 days unless notices otherwise) into Korea

Continent Countries
Asia or Regions
(6 Countries)
Brunei (30 days), Hong Kong (90 days), Indonesia (diplomatic and official, 30 days), Japan (90 days), Macau (90 days), Taiwan (90 days)
(7 Countries)
Argentina (30 days), Canada (6 months), Ecuador (90days), Guyana (30 days), Honduras (30 days), Paraguay (30 days), United States (90 days)
(11 Countries)
Albania (30 days), Andora (30 days), Bosnia-Herzegovina (30 days), Croatia (90 days), Cyprus (30 days), Monaco (30 days), Montenegro (30 days), San Marino (30 days), Serbia (90 days), Slovenia (90 days), Vatican (30 days)
Oceania or Regions
(13 countries)
Australia (90 days), Fiji (30 days), Guam (30 days), Kiribati (30 days), Marshall Islands (30 days), Micronesia (30 days), Nauru (30 days), New Caledonia (30 days), Palau (30 days), Samoa (30 days), Solomon Islands (30 days), Tonga (30 days), Tuvalu (30 days)
Middle East and Africa
(11 countries)
Bahrain (30 days), Egypt (30 days), Kuwait (90 days), Lebanon (diplomatic and official 30 days), Mauritius (30 days), Oman (30 days), Qatar (30 days), Saudi Arabia (30 days), Seychelles (30 days), South Africa (30 days), Swaziland (30 days)

* Countries under visa exemption agreement List (Click here) →

For all other citizens, a visa must be obtained prior to arrival in Korea. We are also committed to assisting our international participants on the application process for a travel visa. If you require a visa to visit Korea, please check with your local embassy of the Republic of Korea or consulate to obtain the necessary documents. In addition, please allow enough time to process your visa.
Please visit KOREA VISA PORTAL ( for further information on the visa process.

Letter of Invitation

Apply for Letter of Invitation

If you need a letter of invitation for your visa arrangements, please click the button below and fill in the required information. The Conference Secretariat will immediately confirm and send you the letter.

The sole purpose of this letter is to facilitate your visa arrangements and does not imply any financial or other support by the Conference Secretariat. All expenses incurred in relation to the Conference are the sole responsibility of the participant.

The Conference Secretariat will not contact embassies or consulates on behalf of participants. It is the participants' responsibility to allow adequate time to make visa arrangements.